Star of the week


Reception    Ernest  for trying so hard to write his name

Year 1          Zach for a fantastic effort with his handwriting

Year 2         Zack for making super progress in Maths

Year 3         Archie for exceptional work in Science and for being eager and willing to complete work

Year 4         Joshua for super work in Maths lessons about fractions

Year 5         Jessie for always working hard with a smile

Year 6         Jolie for a fab effort in gymnastics



Good Disciple Award

Reception    Maja for always having excellent manners

Year 1          Lotti for displaying beautiful manners towards those around her

Year 2          Bella for being patient, kind and lovely with everyone

Year 3          Betsy for being kind and considerate of all her classmates

Year 4          Jamal for thoughtful work to produce a ‘code of conduct’ for being an apostle

Year 5          Sebastian for always being polite and having great manners

Year 6          Charlie for being a good friend



Reception   Gabriel for a fantastic attitude in all areas

Year 1          Oliver for a huge improvement especially in reading

Year 2         Sofia for being determined in everything she does

Year 3          Clara for a great attitude to all learning and showing consideration to all

Year 4          Maddox for a positive attitude to learning and being a caring classmate

Year 5          Amara for a kind considerate attitude and always working hard

Year 6         Oscar for an amazing attitude to learning