Star of the week and Good Disciple


Reception    Micael for trying hard with his English

Year 1          Elizabeth for trying really hard with her writing

Year 2         John for a fantastic poem about caring for animals

Year 3         All of Year 3 for working really hard to learn and practise their class assembly

Year 4         Freya for being a wonderful member of Year 4 and always ready to learn

Year 5         Ruby for her positive attitude to all her work and trying her best, with a smile

Year 6         Giselle for super effort always



Good Disciple Award

Reception   Aahan for always celebrating his friends’ achievements

Year 1          Luke for always being a reliable and honest member in the classroom

Year 2         Tamia for being a super role model when moving around the school. A wonderful walker!

Year 3          Liza for her excellent attitude to learning and taking on challenges

Year 4         George for having some very thoughtful responses when talking about Remembrance Day

Year 5         Shelby for being kind, helpful and respectful to everyone

Year 6         Freya for always being kind



Reception   Maya for excellent resilience and hard work

Year 1          Eva for good effort in all areas

Year 2         Daisy for always trying hard

Year 3         Archie for improvement in all areas and positive attitudes

Year 4        Emily for combining wonderful manners and behaviour with a determined attitude

Year 5        Beatriz for resilience and effort

Year 6        Keira for improvement in all areas